Unlimited Roadside Assistance Coverage

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Too many people travel on the road during vacation, business, or even sending their kids to school by personal transportation without giving the thought of having proper 24 hour emergency roadside assistance.

I’ve studied many cases to why this problem persist to exist and found that many of these individuals depend on their car insurance provider to aid them when automobile issues, such as, when the vehicle breakdown 30 miles away from home.

This post will attempt to inform everyone who’s reading to immediately get covered with some type of road service help in case you run into a serious event that requires emergency auto assistance.

What is interesting is several of these companies exist on the market such as aaa roadside assistance, geico, state farm, allstate, an progressive. These are huge brands that dominate this industry with an iron fist.

While the mentioned above companies do their best to help customers receive the additional assurance whenever their clients car is disabled, they are fairly limited compare to the new wave of available.

So, what does a good membership for coverage looks like

Unlimited Roadside Assistance Membership Coverage – What to Look For?


  • Limitless Roadside Assistance – The majority of organizations that are involved in issuing policies avoid the unlimited measures to secure themselves for charges they may have to pay. However, we have a limitless roadside assistance plans that cover towing service up to 100 miles per incident a day, car gas delivery, car locksmith service, battery boost, and mobile tire change.
  • Great Customer Service Call Center – The roadside assistance call center has to be on point. Motorist no longer need yellow pages, neither do they need to flip through their smart phone in the search engine to find a compatible auto shop to have their car towed for outrageous cost. When you call our service help line through the membership, relay the problem you are having with your disabled vehicle and we’ll send out a tow truck or servicing vehicle technician to your location.
  • No Service Charges  are Required – Yep, you’ve heard that right, no service charges are necessary under our membership. The expense to have a lockout specialist to unlock the latch of your vehicle for entrance is $120. Under our umbrella, we’ll send them out free of charge, oh, did I mention towing is absolutely free if towing miles doesn’t exceed 100.

Roadside Assistance with Integrity

Except it or not, Motor Club of America roadside assistance is a need for drivers who are deeply depended on it for transport. Local auto mechanic help partners that we’ve garnered over our 40 year renewal history is over 3,000 nationwide across the board which mean service can be reachable when needed in all 50 states.

A lot of individuals ask me who I recommend for emergency automobile help, the best company to enroll with in my opinion is here,  Motor Club of America roadside assistance services. I had mostly gotten a lot of positive feedback in the past from users and had taken interest to the structure of the business myself.

Overall, when I manage an account with Motor Club of America, I only received the best of care. All the features we talked about above was used by me once those incidents came to past. I never spent another dime on roadside assistance and that’s thanks to MCA.